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About us

G & B d.o.o. was established in 1990, and it started with its design engineering activities in 1995.

Until 1999, only one architect was employed with the company, and this was the period when designs were mostly developed for family houses. Employment of another architect resulted in diversification of activities to residential and commercial buildings.

Since 2004, the company employs two architects and two civil technicians.

The company changed its name into G&B Architectural Studio in 2008.



The services rendered:

- Design engineering / development of detailed design documentation with drawings for:

  • family houses
  • residential houses
  • auxiliary structures (garages, storages)
  • commercial buildings and premises
  • sports facilities and structures
  • hotels and restaurants

- Construction supervision
- Legalization of buildings built without required documentation (permits, licences, etc.)
- Consulting / advisory services in design engineering and construction
- Apportioning condominium units / development of plans for subdivision of houses, apartments and commercial buildings





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